Design + Engineering

Façade Concept Design
Fgs has demonstrated continual success in converting the Developers and Architects’ design concepts into completed glass and aluminium façades.
• In-house design and drafting office.
• CAD drafters, seniors designers, engineers and document controllers.
• Multi-faceted CAD based design systems with the ability to communicate across all CAD platforms. Capacity in all 2D and 3D design work including 3D modelling and assembly techniques.
• Proprietary Systems with in house Die Design
• For tailor-made building facades

Testing & Research
Our Unitized façade has been successfully tested in an independent wind tunnel chamber and laboratory for air infiltration , static water , dynamic water , structural/ proof test and water regress.

Manufacturing & Fabrication
Fully integrated aluminium manufacturing and fabricating facility using imported machinery in penya Bangalore

Project Management
FGS employs team of experienced project managers. These project managers guide the fabrication plants through the design phases to the eventual delivery of the completed facades.
• A dedicated Project Manager is appointed for each project

Site Installation
• Fgs directly employs a team of installation technicians. This is done to guarantee that specialist installation knowledge is available for a project.
• Supplementary labour is sourced from specialist subcontract installation companies chosen from our approved subcontractor list.
• Fgs operates a comprehensive site equipment list including floor cranes , gondolas, digital survey equipment , to name a few.

Maintenance & Service Work
Fgs employs an industry equipped dedicated service technician. This is done to guarantee that specialist service and maintenance back up is there if you require it.

Quality Assurance

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